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# Hello from the Basement Dwellers ![](https://basement.woodbine.nyc/uploads/23b91ffd-b27f-491a-b996-7fc98b5381c1.png) We live in in the basement of [woodbine.nyc](https://woodbine.nyc) ## how to get involved [Chat with us on the web](https://chat.woodbine.nyc) - here is where most of our organizing happens [Attend upcoming events](https://events.woodbine.nyc/@woodbine) - we have public craft hours saturday 12:00-4:00pm [Check out our Are.na](https://www.are.na/will-lockett/phantasm-utility) - what inspires us [Read our meeting notes](/meeting-notes) - to learn some history ### [Upcoming Events](https://events.woodbine.nyc/@woodbine) <iframe src="https://woodbine.nyc/html/calview.html?ics=https://events.woodbine.nyc/@woodbine/feed/ics" width="100%" height=600 style="border:0"></iframe> ## sitemap Some deeper links * [space features](/features) - list of documented things in the basement * [intranet](/intranet) - internal link bookmarks * [cloud hosting](https://cloud.woodbine.nyc) - files, photos * [social media](https://social.woodbine.nyc) - mastodon * [code hosting](https://git.woodbine.nyc) * [tools in the space](/tools) * [experiments we are running](/experiments)